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The Story

Newlyweds Larry and Gail Stacey (JENN's parents) became sole proprietors of a thriving drive-in located on Highway 8, west of Stratford, the place to be in the summer, including after church on Sunday mornings. Seven years into their cone-swirling adventure, Larry, Gail, and their daughter, Jacqui welcomed two bundles of joy named JENNifer and Dan. Not long afterward, the couple made the difficult decision to move on from the drive-in to raise their family. 

But to this day, stories of Larry and Gail's drive-in convey fond memories of footlongs and ice cream for folks in Stratford and the surrounding area.


Fast forward a few decades, an udderly delicious dream came true for Larry. The ice cream gods presented an opportunity, and he and JENN scooped it up! Larry brought his ice cream expertise, and JENN brought her peanut brittle goodness - in production since 1999!


In September 2010, heading into the peak ice cream season ;) JENN & Larry's opened up shoppe riverside, at 49 York St., Stratford. 

Like its predecessor, JENN and Larry's quickly became a hot spot as well, with highschool students flocking during lunch and after school, and locals streaming in to share their childhood stories about Larry and Gail's. 


JENN is ever-mindful of her parents' legacy, always a factor in decision making when considering new products, services, and ventures.


13 years later, JENN is still pumping out ice cream, and continues to have FUN in her expanded yet still adorable Ice Cream Shoppe and with the community she and her staff serve. 

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